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If you don’t have time to go the gym but you want to get your cardiovascular workout on, then check out the best exercise bike under $500.

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Now within this category, there is no shortage of choices that can be found on the market and you probably do not want to waste your precious time browsing through them trying to find the top rated models. Fortunately, the work has already been done so that we can provide you with the finest values that your money can buy. This roundup is a list that is easy to read and straight to the point reviews. See the selections below.

Marcy Workout AIR-1 Upright Fan Bike

If you are looking to get your muscles tone as well as your heart pumping, the check out the Marcy Workout AIR-1 Upright Fan Bike. This is an excellent choice and top rated.

It features a premium steel frame with dual action exercise arms and a resistance fan that flows air to keep your comfortable. It is made with an innovative resistance system and an LCD monitor for tracking your time, speed, distance and calories along with an adjustable seat and more.


Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike

If you are searching for a top rated upright bike to get your exercise on the you just might want to check ou the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Upright Bike. Some of the key features include ergonomic seating for optimum comfort with adjustable seating.

You can track your progress on an LCD display and see your time, speed, calories burned and more. There are rubber foam paddle handle bars with toe clip pedels with straps. See it today.


Body Rider BRF980 Sationary Upright Bike

A good bike that is well worth checking out can be found in the Body Rider  BRF980 Stationary Upright Bike. So if you are looking to get your workout on, this could be the one.

It features an exclusive curve-crank technology that makes it ultra smooth with no impact. There are two way seats that are adjustable with backrest cushion along with dual action handlebars with a curve style a fully adjustable resistance system and more.


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